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About us

About us

GENOWAYS COACHING is a company (Sàrl-S) accredited as “Organisme de Formation Professionnelle Continue" in Luxembourg.

Our vision is to create a positive spiral and to expand the range of doing and being postures and aptitudes.

Our mission is to provide support to executives and teams as well as individuals looking for a breakthrough in performance. We accompany them examine their beliefs, reconsider and change their behaviours, clarify their goals and overcome current obstacles by delivering measurable results and celebrating their achievements.

His founder, Salvatore Genovese has in total 35 years of work experience of which 20 in various leadership positions in the financial sector. He has been working as a trainer since 2005 and as a professional coach since 2010.

He has a multidisciplinary approach as he holds certifications in transactional analysis (TA), social and emotional intelligence (SEI), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and he makes use of Eric Berne’s theory of organizations, the systemic analysis as well as neurosciences and neurocognitivism.

He is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Past President of the ICF Luxembourg chapter (2015-2017). He pledges commitment and accountability to the ICF code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.

Genoways coaching is a member of the portal Life-long Learning.lu and its training and coaching costs are eligible for co-financing from the State.

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The International Coaching Federation definition is the following one:

“Coaching is partnering with individuals or teams in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to allow clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives.”

Coaching is also about enabling individuals to make conscious decisions and empowering them to become leaders of their own lives.

Life Coaching

We will accompany you build your path and find the most effective way to your destination as well as enable you to find your real triggers and motivations by using a holistic approach in order to provoke sustainable transformations and changes. Your values and beliefs systems will be assessed, acknowledged and aligned with the goals you want to achieve.

We will call you out on things, hold you accountable and allow you to think bigger. Through the coaching process, you will be able to develop awareness, identify the blind spots in your life, set goals, take actions, face uncomfortable situations with success and ultimately release stress and emotions.

Team and Executive Coaching

Genoways partners with its clients to reveal the latent power of their people and create a culture that places awareness and responsibility at the heart of their organization.

In this regard, we stimulate the emergence of new mindsets and productive behaviours as well as achievements by unlocking potential, reinforcing internal relationships and transforming leadership styles.

We provide team coaching as well as one-on-one coaching to senior executives, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to tackle those challenges related to working in collaboration with people and to empower them produce exceptional results in their professional lives and careers. Our proposed coaching partnership helps enhance self-awareness and introspection, develop new skills and postures as well as the ability to pause before acting, to let go and to trust their emotional intelligence.


Workshop - Leadership

Leaders have this quality that they bring forward from other people a sense of possibility for the future and a commitment to take actions on behalf of that future.

And there is only one area which an organization needs to address if it wants to lift itself from averagely successful to excellent which is how well people work together.

These 2 themes are interconnected and have both to do with inspiration, trust, commitment, accountability and collective purpose as well as “savoir-être” skills.

The objective is to improve and further develop the participants’ transformational leadership skills in order to trigger change in their team members and the social system as well as influence the collective identity of their team or their organization.

Parler en public

Workshop - Public speaking

Through our public speaking workshops, we will transform your fear into a powerful fuel and allow you to build rapport and positive vibes with your public.

The objective is to effectively impact, inspire and convince your audience, big or small by exuding self-confidence. You will exactly know what it takes to engage them and make a connection in a way that will leave a long lasting impression and make them move forward.

Whatever the context you have to intervene and the concrete result you want to achieve: make a presentation, facilitate a training or lead a meeting effectively; we will enable you to bring out the best in yourself in order to make the difference.



Salvatore’s approach allowed me to find the solution for myself. A skill which I can use time and again after the coaching is finished. I realized that not everyone thinks the same way and being able to see a situation from another point of view has been very powerful for me. His real business experience has given me real insight into how people work together and how to apply techniques to get them to buy in to what I really wanted to achieve.

Matt Elton | Head Customer Care Merchants Western Europe SIX Payment Services-Cetrel (Europe) S.A.

We had a one week leadership workshop with Salvatore. We never sat for long during this one as Salvatore is incredibly dynamic and enthusiastic as a trainer and inspired us to follow his example. He did not only transmit us some knowledge thanks to his extensive experience but also some competencies like delegate better, adapt our leadership style to our staff, increase the team spirit and transmit our vision and mission.

Batselenge Baatarkhuu | Managing Director Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia